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Thread: Nitpicking: Anarki/Slash footsteps

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    Nitpicking: Anarki/Slash footsteps

    Allright. Something between a feature request and a bug fix.

    Many maps have areas where walking produces a different sound (e.g. Black Cathedral wood floor, Chemical Reaction metal floor). All character specific footstep sounds get replaced.

    So we've got Uriel and Xaero putting on shoes during a match, hehe. Actually with most of the characters it's acceptable, the difference isn't that noticeable. What bugs me are the hovering characters, namely Anarki and Slash. Do they turn off the board/blades and suddenly start running? Moving with either of them sounds very silly because the difference between default and overriding footstep sounds (*zumm zumm* vs *CLUK CLUK*) is huge.

    inb4 "learn to strafe" xD

    So is it possible to flag these characters as not using the special footsteps? I like the hovering sound, it makes it sometimes easier to hear other players. I don't know how the system is implemented so I'm not guessing if this is even close to feasible :P BTW, the water footstep splashy sound is okay.

    F1 F1 F1 F1. Much love for the devs!

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    strafing is quieter. that's how they sneak on people.

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