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Thread: Doubt about wepon command

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    Doubt about wepon command

    Good morning,

    I am a quakeworld player, and I'm starting to play Quake live. I have one doubt about how set one command to define one sequence of weapons. For example, in qw you can use the command weapon 6 5 4. It will select the weapon that have ammo in this sequence. We have one command like this one n Quake live?


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    If and only if you disable "switch to empty". Then you can use a combo like "weapon 4; weapon 5; weapon 6" (note: backwards compared to QW) and it should work.

    It won't be any slower outside of PQL. First 200 ms of weapon switch is hiding the previous weapon, by that time your wanted weapon will be selected.

    One word of advice: unlike QW, in QL all weapons are useful in certain situations, so it's best to bind all of them without depending on ammo status. Plus, often you should not switch to an almost-empty weapon (like LG with 5 cells) as that will probably cost you your life. In QW you won't get punished (you can switch immediately after using all cells), here with slow weapon switch, it becomes a crucial skill to select correct weapon before entering fights.

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