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Thread: Full screen not full

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    Full screen not full


    Have this problem that on full screen mode i doesn't actually come as a full screen.
    Had i few cm line across the angless of screen which is just black.

    how can i fix that?

    I have 1366-768 laptop screen.
    I dont want to get back to defaults since i need to remake all my cfg all over again.

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    Senior Member Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa is a jewel in the rough Lorfa's Avatar
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    I don't quite understand.

    These "lines" aren't on the top, bottom, and sides making the screen smaller are they? Or do they actually cut into the screen?

    Any chance you could take a picture? (like with a camera, screenshots wouldn't show it I think)

    Do you play in 1366x768? When did this problem start?

    Some ideas include reinstalling graphics drivers and adjusting the displayRefresh.

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