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Thread: Looking for EU Duels (Beginner)

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    Junior Member s3kil is on a distinguished road
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    Looking for EU Duels (Beginner)

    I just started out dueling. Unfortunately, the lower-tier EU Servers are mostly empty, and I have to idle way to long until somebody joins.
    So if you are a beginner and want to put in a fun duel or - just add me (and since I haven't played many duels yet, you can gain some sweet cheap ELO )

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    Senior Member vurun is on a distinguished road vurun's Avatar
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    A believe myself to be a beginner, so addme, we will see how it goes.
    VG278HE@144Hz + EC2evo + Manticor + Lycosa+ SS Siberia v2

    QL doesn't need more tiers, it needs more players (С)

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