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Thread: Old account.

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    Old account.


    I have been member here for a while and my account name is "kiddy"
    But when i tried to login it said the email was not registerd. I have 2 emails and tried them both, tried password reset but it still said there was no account connected with the mails. So i thought the account was gone due to inactivity or something, when i register a new account the nick "kiddy" was already taken and i looked up the player who used the nick when i had my new account, and I clearly see its my olf account.
    Is there any way to fix this so I can start playing on my account again? Cause I only have 2 mails and there is noway i used any other emial to register. Any ideas?

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    Can i email even tho im not prem/pro user? I was pro on previous account, the one i want back. and will probably buy it again.

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