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Thread: Make at least a small part of the server creating free?

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    Make at least a small part of the server creating free?

    I love this game and I've played it since long before the new premium payment option. I'm not saying it's a bad Idea. I can understand that a popular game like this wouldn't support itself on ads alone. but completely removing the "Create a Server" option from free to play players kind of hurts. I am, by no means, good at this game. but my friends and I really enjoy it. We get together a few nights a month for a LAN party and this is one of the games we like to play. but since there's only 4 of us and none of us pay for a subscription. we have to find a server and hope other people don't join in. and the majority of the servers have an 8 or more player cap. So maybe they could make only some maps available for the free to play community, and only a couple game modes, like TDM or FFA.

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    Start-a-match was never offered to free players, it's always been a pro option. Maybe you could all club together and buy a pro sub so one of you can spawn a server exactly as you want it (eg passworded). Divided between the four of you it would be cheap.

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    Tbh. You're 4 guys. Getting one token for a month is probably less you spend on pizza toppings. Also, I can't imagine finding a pro-subbed player willing to host a server for you if it's THAT rare you play.

    edit: damn, it's the same thing mike68 wrote. We might be on to something.
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