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    QLPP18 Follow-up Update

    This evening we applied a small follow-up update to address a few minor issues that arose due to our recent QLPP18 update.

    July 19th Changelog:
    • Restored Weapon Config functionality for subscribers.
    • Restored power-ups section on the Large HUD.
    • Prevented team frag based medals (Defense) from being awarded in Clan Arena when playing on CTF arenas.
    • Removed the barred gates from Double Impact in Race.
    • Removed an undesired Race spawn on Double Impact.
    • Added cg_drawHitFriendTime to allow players to disable the orange hit triangle, or alter its blink duration. Defaults to 1500 (1.5 seconds).
    • Lowered the default value of cg_drawDeadFriendTime from 5000.0f to 3000.0f (5 seconds to 3 seconds).

    Deployed Thu, July 18th:
    • Addressed a back-end issue that would cause some standard-users Race matches to report a Win/Loss.

    Deployed Wed, July 17th:
    • Removed an undesired Race spawn on Distant Screams.
    • Addressed a Race player collision issue on Eviscerated.
    • Added Race support to Space CTF.
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