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Thread: race result suggestion

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    race result suggestion

    i am having fun in the race mode.

    but wouldn't it be more correct for the end result of race to say "1st of 4"
    or "2nd of 6" or whatever - sort of like how the end result is shown for FFA mode.

    as it is now, it says "won" or "loss" as the end result of the race. (on a person's profile page for their game history).

    i think "won" or "loss" is correct for CA or TDM or Duel or FreezeTag.
    but for Race, it should be what place a person ends up.

    in any other race event (swimming, track, cars,) the results are listed as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.

    just a suggestion - if it can be changed. thx!

    also, on the campgrounds race, i keep accidently starting over because the race loop passes right over the starting point half-way through the race. can that be moved back a little bit? after i got used to it, it didn't really matter to me. But, some players got confused and kept asking how to finish the race - since the same thing must have been happening to them. It's kind of funny, but just wonder if that start point should be moved back a little so people don't run over it during the race (which makes them start over and over....)

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    Senior Member Mike68 will become famous soon enough Mike68's Avatar
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    Good idea, would also be nice for Red Rover.

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    They should definitely consider moving the start point back just a little bit, so as to avoid the possibility of accidentally restarting your run halfway through. Also, I like your idea of them ranking everyone in order, rather than everyone finishing "second" who didn't have the fastest time.

    Additional suggestion:
    If players aren't able to complete a single lap in the time allotted, they should consider having the match end, rather than continuing into extra time. I'll leave it up to everyone to decide how they should/shouldn't score it.

    I was spectating on a Race server running the training map last night. A few non-subscribers were able to complete a lap in the time, but none of the subscribers were able. Thus, they continued playing on that map for almost 20 extra minutes, until finally a subscriber joined who was able to complete a lap.

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