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Thread: About gametype icons

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    About gametype icons

    It's very very nice that you come back the OLD TDM icon
    but still hard looking to FFA and CA icons.
    i bad speak english just look screenshot for example

    Will be nice if u change or FFA or CA icon for better finding in MATCH STATS (i mean one of them, that they are not be the same similar)
    CA: http://clipi.ca/1Cp
    FFA: http://clipi.ca/1Cq
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    TDM going back to the "two colors fighting over Quad" icon is brilliant.

    Now change CA to an RL/LG combo and we're done.

    BTW, your FFA proposal wouldn't work in XS size. But with a CA icon not having any player model, FFA would just be (centered again) Ranger and it's just what FFA should be represented by - the essence of Quake.

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