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Thread: race

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    I suggest to re-do Theatre of Pain Checkpoints. I mean, who designed this one? Such a big Map and this Setup of Checkpoints? I aprove the other Stuff in this Thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catoptromancy View Post
    - A real training map. Cos1 style. Set of strafe pads, circle jumps, and strafe hall are mandatory. Raztrain is an excellent start
    * Brutally important, training map is accessible to all players of any skill or account status. There will always be a bored pro willing to teach a new player. This can lead to more players that stay longer and more new players that are not so terrible at movement.
    +1! and thanks for the race mod! race is awesome!

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    Some nice ideas, but all we really need is our times saved. And maybe some more tracks.

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