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Thread: #SacredArtofWarriors(#SAoW) Recruiting now!

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    Post #SacredArtofWarriors(#SAoW) Recruiting now!

    We are looking for prime players of all tiers, if you believe you have what it takes to become a member of the Order #SAoW, than add: "B1GHOSS" as a friend and hit him up while he is on.

    • No Starting Drama
    • Prime Effort Shown!
    • Competitive in the Arena.

    Since you will be hand picked by the Officer/Co-Creator, Membership will be instantaneously granted upon acceptance of clan invitation. Those members that

    will be instantly granted Veteran Membership for showing their dedication to #SAoW.

    *The clansite is an important aspect of #SAoW for scheduling, promotion, communication, and simply getting to know each other.

    Cordially Yours,
    B1GHOSS, Your Clan Officer/Co-Creator

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    Hey im XxGOLDWOLFxX and id like to join your clan. Im not saying im the best but id say im a medium player. ive only been playing for about a week so my scores arent the best but im starting to catch up. im intrested in joining so hit me up if u still want recruits.

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    I like the tag, can I join #SAoW ?

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