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Thread: July 2013 Standard Rotation

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    Senior Member Lam has a spectacular aura about Lam has a spectacular aura about Lam has a spectacular aura about Lam's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by 30ROCK View Post
    We should be able to vote to change maps WITHIN THE CURRENT POOL. There is no reason to not allow this.
    That's already allowed on player-spawned standard servers.

    So get a Pro subscription (or switch to your account with Pro subscription, looks like this one is an "alt"), spawn a standard and public server and you get to decide:
    - what map pool will be available on post-match voting screen (always current map + 2 from your selected pool),
    - whether or not players can vote for maps (this way they can vote for maps that aren't in your pool, but still - only standard maps for current month),
    - you can also overrule their votes as the server owner.

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    Member saturnz is on a distinguished road
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    I seem to notice that dm6 doesn't really pop up on the votes on the CA servers, its the 4th already and I've yet to actually play a CA on dm6 simply because it doesn't appear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lam View Post
    Because then, the "community" would just pick 5 most played maps for each mode and cancelled their subscriptions.

    I know it's hard right now, but our best bet as the community is getting together and filling premium servers. Promote pickups or get friends on premium publics. We already play Freeze Tag virtually each evening, I'm sure you can play premium CTF outside of pickups as well
    let's be serious... there are not many CTF premium games to join at most times... I know I would if there were any offered to me... in addition to that I only like to play on aircontrol enabled servers. So for me the only options available are MissRocketbunny's and Kwizach's server which run the standard map pool 99.9% of the time.

    So yeah... right now I am really frustrated and bored out of my skull... since I don't play other online games I still join a few rounds of quake here and there out of desperation even with this repeated map pool. But for me it is really getting old fast now and as a paying customer I am quite dissappointed with this...

    What really makes me wonder is that everyone I have talked to dislikes this month's CTF map pool... if you check this thread there are no positive comments about it either... Why ID doesn't seem to mind is beyond me... so my best bet is the situation is wanted... the problem is... you can't escape it by paying.
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    Junior Member lehooo is on a distinguished road
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    quake live is a deadgame make this game completly free ty

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    Senior Member drohne is on a distinguished road
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    i just speak about the ctf-mappool - imo the most wanted ctf-maps are: courtyard, japanese castles, shining force, spider crossings and ironworks.

    july none
    june none
    may none
    april (courty)
    march (ironworks, japanese) combined with reflux and stronghold the best month this year for ctf-gamerz
    february (shining)
    january (japanese, spidercrossings)

    so this is the 3rd month in a row without ONE of the 5 most wanted ctf-maps on pub-servers. the last real good months imo were march and january. what i noticed is, that many regulars and good ctf gamerz are for the last weeks/months not playin anymore or r far less online (a few ofc may have changed account).
    like others already mentioned: not many ctf-games r running on prem servers and pickups are played 4 vs 4 which some ppl dont like to play or they dont want to wait till a match is organized or simply they dont believe they r good enuff for pickup etc.

    the last 3 months pools r imo at least for ctf a community-killing device.

    btw 4 of the 5 maps were this YEAR only one time in the pool, its july now ...
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    Senior Member danstar will become famous soon enough danstar's Avatar
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    absolutely right drohne.. and

    Quote Originally Posted by drohne View Post
    the last 3 months pools r imo at least for ctf a community-killing device.
    quoted for truth.

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    hello Argentine fell servers please Fix it

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    Junior Member sixtyniners is on a distinguished road
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    I completely agree with drohne. :/

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    Senior Member megaman3 is on a distinguished road
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    More than having a 'better' standard pool, what CTF needs right now is having more classic maps in QL, quantity and quality.

    1.- In terms of popularity, the ctf equivalents of dm6 and dm13 (among others) aren't in the game after all these years. That shows how much ctf is supported by id.
    2.- More maps in QL as a whole = more chances of having good maps in the standard pool.
    3.- More classic maps in QL = more people playing and more subscriptions. I do get the argument that players should try new maps so the game doesn't stagnate, but fact is people play what they like and the said approach didn't work at all, unless very few exceptions on each mod. QLRanks and tournament info don't lie, and are so clear that it's safe to say that bringing those classics to QL would make people play more ctf than they do nowadays, which is good for business.
    4.- Not adding classics = straight up losing money. Crozar has spent well over $1000 on his attempt to finally convince id to get the wcp maps, especially those made by dan gold (like cp9 aka spider crossings, which is in the game already), yet no news whatsoever. He'll surely stop giving away subscriptions to ctf players (free money for id) and putting prize money for streamed ctf cups (keeping the game alive and attracting newcomers, indirectly more free money for id) if those don't make it to QL real soon, since faceit ctf is the last attempt after all this time of ignoring him and the community. That means it's not only wasting an opportunity -that has been wasted for about 5 years already-, but also is a direct loss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolzy View Post
    Real, true CA is a game of chess

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    Junior Member DruidVorse is on a distinguished road
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    CTF died since the introduction of the map pool, Space CTF, Base Siege, Rebound, Inner Sanctums never appear on the map pool, this is getting really bored, all is the same and repetitive. Introduce the Rocket Arena mod, please! and for Space CTF take out the Railgun, that weapon in that map is so "camper" and return the BFG10K.

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