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Thread: Any old q3a UFT players?

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    Any old q3a UFT players?

    Just started getting into ql again, feelin nostalgic. All the old clan sites I could recall are down, no surprise, and enterthegame irc is down. Although I feel those chans are most likely dead after almost a decade. My handle used to be dizbeast, actually had that here for a time. Lookin for people who recall OtH, id, vc, 6th, nop, ci, dfa, etc etc. hope there's some peeps still out there.

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    bump someones gotta be out there

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    You should probably check with the WGA guys (#WGArena on QuakeNet), they're running second season of UFT league (first season was called WFL) and know where to look for UFT teams. Maybe you'll meet some old friends there!

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    thank you for the heads up

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