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Thread: New here BUT like it allready ;D

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    New here BUT like it allready ;D

    Hi all
    I am playing FPS for some time and I am first time here.
    Just found about QLive (newer played it though) and like it as much as I do Unreal

    At this moment I am watching "QuakeCon 2012 Tournament - DaHanG vs Cypher - Masters Duel Grand Finals"

    Seams like a good fast shooter, and I will ask you for some help.

    I need tutorials on weapons (even they do looks and act like in Unreal), tactics, servers and rules.
    Pretty much any help you can trow my way will be appreciated.


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    Senior Member vurun is on a distinguished road vurun's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Russia, Moscow
    VG278HE@144Hz + EC2evo + Manticor + Lycosa+ SS Siberia v2

    QL doesn't need more tiers, it needs more players (С)

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    Senior Member Mike68 will become famous soon enough Mike68's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Lost in the fog
    Welcome along, have fun.

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    New here also, so welcome! and i hope we will meet on arena!

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    Senior Member Cat will become famous soon enough Cat will become famous soon enough Cat's Avatar
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    Before you learn anything about the weapons and whatnot you should learn the movement. Specifically strafe-jumping and the circle jump.

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    Senior Member Latvietis is on a distinguished road
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    If you need it then im happy to help, im not oldschool but i've been around since early 2010 and i can say i know the game pretty well. Add me

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