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Thread: Window Class BUGGY

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    Window Class BUGGY

    ** GLW_CreateWindow: could not register window class
    Please report the the problem you encountered on the Quake Live forums.
    You must reload the web page to make this display go away.

    The above message keeps displaying not allowing me in game. It states to reload the web page yet I keep receiving a Fatal Error and have to close my browser. Once I re-open the browser and attempt to connect to game the same above GLW message appears and is preventing me from getting in game at all.

    I do not like being a dick, but I DID NOT pay for service to not get IN GAME!

    FIX THIS NOW DEV'S!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The odd thing is that when it encounters a resolution it doesn't like and issues the createWindow error, it also appears to try r_mode 5 (640x480). Yet if the first one failed, this one also seems to fail. Probably this isn't intended behavior, but QL has always behaved this way.

    Anyone know if the same thing happens in Q3?

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