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Thread: Pretty new player looking for Duel partners. NA-central/east.

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    Pretty new player looking for Duel partners. NA-central/east.

    As the title says, im looking for more duel buddies. Im sick of sitting in servers waiting on random people to come in only to just get owned for one game and then they leave. Im looking for people who want to practice more consistently. If your decent/good and dont mind destroying me thats cool too im here to learn just dont leave after one game. Im not terrible I understand prediction/positions etc just no one to play against lol. Im in central US so anyone NA is preferred. I have a premium account too so I can make servers. Thanks!!

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    Old time Quaker from day One here. Im still an average Player after all these years. I'm usually on every night.PST..Have not really played Dual to be any good at it,,,,but why not...Maybe getting away from FFA will help my game. 98% of my game time is in practice Mod anyway.

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    it depends on how pretty

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