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Thread: syd#2 servers ,take 2

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    syd#2 servers ,take 2

    since i received a infraction for my last post (and it was removed ) i will try to be more diplomatic about my issue

    I desire to lodge a formal complaint of dissatisfaction.
    I echo the sentiments of a vast majority of Australian & New Zealand subscribers of your product & services.
    The situation has arisen, after being a QL Pro Account holder , that I am forced to revise my continued pro subscription with your firm.
    The issue is one of connectivity and stability to your gaming servers through out our region.
    My internet connection has always provided a solid and stable ping of 62 to all previous gaming servers, including non ID hosted servers.
    Instead of pleasurable enjoyment of your services, the past 3 months experience's have left me totally frustrated.
    ID hosted server connectivity, stability & ping is now a fluctuating gamble resulting in a ping range of 70 - 150 during every round of Quake Live.
    I will obviously continue to monitor this issue until my next renewal of your services is due.
    In the meantime, I would hope your own in house quality control & product monitoring teams are aware of this issue and are well advanced on the solution to be implemented.
    ps: its mainly syd 2 servers
    it is the best game imo so a fix would be great
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    Junior Member Toga is on a distinguished road
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    I would have to agree with you Astrikz.
    My net connection isnt as good as yours, 90-100 ping and I have felt a huge difference in game spiking to 700+ and very often hanging lag @ 250. I do how ever get a higher ping to non ID servers but is for the most part, a stable 130 with no huge lag spikes in game.
    ... even the 20-30 lpb are rage quieting due to lag issues. (which really makes me lols)
    I hope the ID / QL server issues are being addressed as Ive just upgraded to pro.

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    I totally agree... I have a fibre connection here but connecting to the AU servers from NZ is fraught with lag spikes. Some days I get a nice smooth 35ms, but lately its been sticking around 50 - 60ms -- that's pretty much the reason I've not been on much lately.
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    ok its been a while and the syd #2 servers have become worse,
    so i am about to cancel my pro subscription as i am not paying for such a bad,unstable ,crap ping !
    syd #1 is good but 99% of the servers i join are syd #2
    very poor service from quake live ,or should i say lack off sevice
    adios !

    DONE ! service renewal cancelled
    fix the servers and i might change it !
    or better still, kill the sydney #2 server so only syd 1 is up
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