I posted this in the tech support forum, but wanted to know if anyone else has seen this and believe it will be more visible here and we might get some more information:

Issue: Client that spawned server paused match. Player disconnected simultaneously and the pause didn't take. Console shows a weird error "Unknown client command: complaint" or something to that effect. Other player is still 'frozen' as in 'match pause' but players can join and play.

I kinda think it's an exploit. Player claimed his client crashed, but he disconnected simultaneously with the 'match pause' rather than timed out. Literally X paused match, X Disconnected appeared simultaneously. Rounds continued to cycle even though there were no players in game and my client was unable to move or look.

Also, server spawn disappeared from Quakelive, though it was still active. I dunno if it was a glitch that someone exploited (pause/dc script that replicates this), or they were hijacking a server or what...

User was mildly raging and never explained why he thought he needed to pause match in the first place. As far as replicating, he claimed to have accidently executed the wrong CFG (this was in the middle of a firefight during a round, and we had been playing several matches). I don't know why he didn't think it was a bizarre glitch, why he chose to pause the match at such a point WHILE executing the 'wrong' CFG. I don't know why he claimed his client crashed when it clearly disconnected. I don't know why this players server spawn disappeared from QuakeLive server list immediately though it was still active. I don't know why this server sent me the ambiguous, and never before seen, "Unknown client command: complaint". I would actually like to report this player to be honest as there is just too much weird about this. If it's possible to hijack QL servers it would be a big issue