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    When i'm watching a demo of a player dueling, a TDM or CA match what exactly am i looking for? the game moves so fast, what's the "right" way to learn from demo's? i'm guessing this advice would also work for any video game aswell.

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    Put yourself in the player's shoes whose pov the demo is from. In a way, pretend that it's you playing, where would you go next? What would you do? How is what they're doing different than what you would do?

    If it's your own pov, just watch through the demo with fresh eyes. I often see a lot of possibilities that I didn't consider during the game, or I find myself surprised how bad my aim really was, or how repetitive I was being.

    Use wolfcam to view demos as you can rewind the demo, and also see the other player's pov in some spots. I find this very useful.

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    Thank you.

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