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Thread: Why aren't more US players using faceit?

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    Why aren't more US players using faceit?

    I mean, DAILY 2v2 tdm/ca, some 4v4 tdm/ca every now and then, always something with duel going on. AND it's structured. Wasn't that what everyone was fussing about a year or two ago?

    Maybe it just hasn't been promoted the right way, or enough people don't know/care about this, but I feel anyone who's wanted to play in a comp setting outside of pickups would be all about this. ;\
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    It is going to take awhile to catch on here in North America but we will continue to bring/host these events Monday to Friday. Myself and twitch will be around each night so if you are interested in playing just sign on up.

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    Sign up and check in

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    I'll take a look around mid august (bying a new computer and moving in my new appartement on 17h august) !

    I beleive the best way to promote it is to talk about it ''in game'' to good players. I didn't know about that website! And maybe if all websites that organize league matches or matches for fun could be pinned at the top of ''Competitive Play'' it might help a bit to promote it too!

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    I've signed up but haven't had the chance to try it out. I'll give it a go next time I'm home and in the mood for a good structured whoppin'

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    TBH, structure crosses the line from "casual" game to something more. Personally, my schedule isn't very regular, and I hop on QL and play when I can. Some days work may be slow and I'll get 4 hours in, then I won't play for 4 days. To get into something scheduled and structured is quite intimidating to start with -- and then there's the caliber of players you expect to see in such tournaments. But IDK, maybe you're talking more to those guys than the casual NA folks.

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    I've signed up and made my clans team page as well.

    This site looks very promising and amazing.

    Thanks for the information , will be requiring my whole clan to join.

    Personally , I think if you post in general discussion with more information / pics you will get a lot more views / people to join.

    I also think this should be a sticky in this section.
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    all signed up, but little activity stateside

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    If faceit includes iCTF and iFT, there are 200+ players waiting to hop on in a matter of weeks. The NA insta community is supremely active, friendly and has always wanted a clean structure to play competitively. There have been tournaments conducted, which always has great participation but then dies down slowly due to mismanagement. I don't see such issues with faceit, and it could be the perfect platform.

    Let me know if you guys decide to do something about it, and I can name a few folks (I included) that can spread the word real quick.

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