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Thread: Why are quakelive options so damn noob unfriendly? unlike Quake 3.

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    Why are quakelive options so damn noob unfriendly? unlike Quake 3.

    Short Story:
    Bought the game in 1999 played allot, both duels and tdm but turned into ut2k4 and then got cursed by mmos.

    Now being old fart and trying to remember good old days, following faceit and 125dps cups every weekend, i thought why not test quakelive.

    Took me some time to figure how to enable console, how to start practicing game (just to jump around). But i still cant and don't know how to "find" all duel maps and especially dm6 and t4 as i loved to just jump around as warmup.

    The map pool in quakelive is a mess...you have options to pickup maps from tournaments like quakecon, you go into that folder and there are no maps..?
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    You realize you can search for how to enable the console extremely easily, right? (Yes, I'm aware you said you'd figured it out; I'm just asking if you're aware that it's available with a simple search.)

    The map pool is there because there was really no incentive to using a Pro subscription to spawn servers before because all the maps that players wanted to play (Space CTF, Campgrounds, Blood Run...) were readily available to the players in the Standard servers. Unfortunately, you'll need to manually install the maps (Either ask a Pro player to spawn a server for you and them manually callvote the maps you want or take a look at this ) so you can hop around on them.

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    It definitely isn't like in the good old Q3 days anymore, that's for sure.

    They've made a ton of improvements, but the current system has it's downsides as well. (Can't even play practice without online internet connection, only id-approved maps or mods, etc.)

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    It's really easy if you open your eyes.

    Just because you knew Q3 doesn't mean QL is harder to grasp. There's 1000x times more info, guides, tutorials available than in 1999 while the old systems (irc, esreality) are still in place.

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