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Thread: Easier way of managing the customization of the games view

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    Easier way of managing the customization of the games view


    I think it's possible to improve the customization of the match browser/online games view. I can only speak from my own experience but I usually only like to see games from a specific game type(CA, CTF etc.) Changing between the different customization options is a bit cumbersome and repeatative. If, I, on top of that would only like to display a specific map it's even more cumbersome.

    Since I'm most of the time only switching between a few different customizations, my suggestion is simple. I would like to save more than the default customization view. Preferably with a custom name. List the saved customizations in an easily accessible place(like under the news feed).

    With this I could with a single click of a button switch between the different customizations.


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    Unfortunately you'd have to write your own userscript to do this. Unfortunately id doesn't seem to think optimizing what they've got to be a good use of time, even though it's probably more beneficial than new maps.

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