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Thread: New player LF duel buddy (EST)

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    New player LF duel buddy (EST)

    I am a semi-new player to Quake Live looking for a dueling buddy (U.S. East Coast). I used to play this game a little off and on a while ago, but now I actually want to get into it. I play another game competitively (3800+ hours, no life), so I'm not that new to fps, but I'm still pretty new to the positioning and map+item knowledge in Quake

    I forgot the info for the account that I used to play on, so I made this one, add me if you want to duel
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    Please provide your location.

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    U.S. East Coast

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    add me

    user: quiet_L
    location: New York

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    Add me if you want a West Coast duel partner. British Columbia.

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    Added both of you

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    I'm in the same boat as you! Currently I'm stationed over in Korea but I'll be back in the states(east coast) in a week. Trying to get involved in the competitive scene as well.

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