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Thread: WolfcamQL /follow problem

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    WolfcamQL /follow problem

    Howdy. When I attempt to use the /follow command in Wolfcam, it works correctly for a few seconds, but then randomly starts switching between which player it follows. I tried searching the main WolfcamQL thread, but I couldn't find anything that helped. I have this problem on all versions of Wolfcam. It's really frustrating because I love to watch demos of me teamkilling from the point of view of my teammates. Any help that resolves this issue is greatly appreciated.

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    When you play a game of QL, the demo will not record every single player's position on the map at all times. It will only record people who are in your immediate vicinity. So if the player that you are following travels beyond your line of sight, there is no record of where that player is. Instead of displaying a blank screen, it cuts to someone else.

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