this map needed another exit so it was really necessary to apply this change. thumbs up for that.

now after a few weeks with the new infinity i like it less and less because before it was a really shaft/rocketheavy map and the rail was not accessable so easily and there were no real safe highpositions to rail effectively from.

it has completely changed now. rail became again a mainweapon. the thing with rg is that it always slows down the pace of every ctf map especially when it has only one middleroom with such a hard to access highgroundspot as the new infinity which also has the rail just around the corner to pick it up.

there are tons of railheavy maps at the moment: spidercrossing, troubled waters, cold cathode, camper crossings, shining forces, courtyard, siberia... its so sad that infinity lost its purpose now as a fresh map which demands a different playstyle.