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Thread: Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a - Is obsolete?

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    Ive been thinking about this for the last couple of days. I have had a few Dells,Compaqs and HPs computers through the years. They usually allways used MS mice in their Packages..Sure enough,,went through some of my old stuff and found 2. Since they where used for everyday computing,,they are in perfect condition..So if you know anyone who keeps mice and Keyboards( if it was bought from them ,all you would probably keep were those) you will definitly find one. Just a thought.........

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    Still rockin my IME 3.0, still works better than this G400 I'm on now, but waiting for new ime feet since I lost one in transit from Quakecon. Hope to go zowie sometime soon.

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    Zowie FK <3

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