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Thread: Fun Glitches - Do you know a lot ?

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    Fun Glitches - Do you know a lot ?

    here are glitches or just weird events that are worth sharing.

    1-the jump pad glitch : two people jump on the same jump pad and steps on top witch triggers the person under to rebound on the jump pad extremely fast and make 100 jump sounds under one second O_o

    2-the lava glitch (feet level only) : inflict self damage with plasma gun splash right before your feet touch the lava and repeat. -1 hp only

    3-the sound glitch in furious heights at the base of pillars walk before falling down and you will not make a sound when your feet touch the ground.


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    I know a lot, but I don't think they're fun at all :(

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    On the best map of the game, dm19, it's possible to goomba stomp people.

    Sometimes you receive no damage and make no sound when falling straight into stairs, for example in ztn. Ninja attacks.

    Ledges and glitchy spots have been constantly removed from the game, which is a shame really. It goes to the point it's not a good idea to discuss them on the forums so the devs don't know about them.
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    Furious Heights - After coming out of tele to mega, you can jump+crouch into the little crevice where you exit the small ledge, and walk up the wall.

    Pretty neat hiding spot.

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