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Thread: Top Players skill level

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    Top Players skill level


    I was looking over the top QL players profiles, and few things came in mind which i kind of bothers me and i don't understand.

    The main thing is taking in the account is the relation between players time spent playing the game and their skill level. I followed the top players indirectly in the mayor competition event, and players like cooller, rapha, cypher etc.. and was wondering how players they were able to obtain such a high level by playing not really that much of the game?

    According to the profiles, it states that they have only played about approximately 1-2 months actual gameplay which would be, - I don't know, by playing only, or not even 1 hour a day?

    I know some of the skill come's from q3 but, yeah, still, seriously, how can they be World class, buy such little time dedication ?

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    I could be wrong, but I assume they also have alias accounts as well, which would add more time played.

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    It's different playing ca than playing 1v1 against the best.

    Plus they study the game.
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    Players don't play Quake Live all day because even at the highest level there is little money to be won and little ad-money to be made from viewers.

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    Firstly an hour a day for them might easily turn into two or three hours. Remember that since this is duel, they're not playing immediately. They have to find a game, then they have to analyze and go over games as was mentioned above. They are also generally patient by necessity, and appreciate the finer points of other players' games - they have to or they wouldn't survive. So a lot of them will invest heavy time spectating.

    Apart from that, a part of the magic is that not everyone can figure out how to do it at any level. If it was directly proportional to how much you play the game wouldn't be worth playing. If your life depended on beating rapha and he didn't know that, unless you're already brilliant... you would realistically never be able to do it. You might play 15 hours a day and be transformed from the player you are now five times over, and still you would never beat rapha.

    People like rapha or Cooller could stop playing for a whole year, and when they came back, 99%+ of their skill would be still there.
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    I think a lot of it comes down to pure talent and natural ability. Of course there is dedication, study and practice, but I've been playing the guitar for almost twenty years and still come no where close to the ability of my 13 year old cousin.

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    They also practice against each other (scrimmage) which doesn't log as 'game time'.

    As far as that 1-2 months 'game time', think of it mathematically:
    (I will use 1.5 months as a happy medium).

    1.5 months x 30 days in a month = 45 days of 'game time'
    45 days x 24 hours in a day = 1080 hours of 'game time'
    1080 hours x 60 minutes in an hour = 64,800 minutes of 'game time'

    Assuming the average duel or tdm or ctf is 10- 20 minutes long, let us use 15 minutes for avg 'game time'.

    64,800 minutes / 15 minutes = 4320 'games' played. That is a lot of games. (imo)
    Duels are only 10 minutes (unless OT happens), so that would be 6480 duels. That is a lot of duels. (imo)

    Again, not counting all the scrimmaging that goes on - that is not 'game time'.

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    2 months of gameplay is huge. It gets even bigger if one doesn't just play for leisure, but constantly analyze replays, watch demos, spend time in practice mode (movement, routes). In addition to that - there is a correlation between talent and playtime. The more talent you have, the less time you need to reach certain level. And just to mention: Q3A started in December, 1999 and that's a lot time played without being displayed in QL

    I can't agree about 99% of skill remaining after years of inactivity, but if we look at cooller, he came back to gaming recently and was owned hard by many duelers at the start but it took a short amount of time indeed for him to get back to that skill level/decision making level he got famous for, just to mention the latest FaceIt Sunday Cups.
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