I've been thinking about getting into the scene and now I think I'm ready to give it a go. Currently I'm T4 Gold (I guess?) and my elo is getting close to 1400, even though it doesn't seem like elo matters.

acc is 32%

I feel like I still have some room to get better though as QL is my first taste of any of the quake titles and I didn't start playing this heavily till a couple months ago. So I still have a lot to learn and would like to hook-up with a team willing to help me out.

I'd probably be a sub, but I'd like to be involved in CA and TDM (entirely new to TDM but willing to practice a lot) competitions. Faceit.com and other ladder sites.

If your team has any trolls, ragers, racists, or generally aren't willing to help newer players - then I probably wouldn't be the right fit

If you want someone new, with some potential then give me a shout. Being multi-game is a big plus as well as I play a little shoot mania, (lots of) UT, and CS:GO