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Thread: sound problems

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    sound problems

    hey guys i got some probles, i dont know why, i was just playing with my clan and then just when we start is no sound there, like they told me that was mute, but i dont know how to put it or quit it hel plz

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    Do you have sound now in QL? Practice mode?

    Do you have sound outside QL?

    Is s_volume set to a reasonable value like between 0.05 and 1? (Careful, 1 should be really loud)

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    yes i already try that but it didnt work, in ql when am playing it shows something like this unknown cmd in_restart .... out of quake live my sound work but when am playing it don't.

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    my sound is back, idk i just restart my computer instal again the ql thing, thanks...
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