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    Which would you prefer to take in a game if both power up times were the same?

    Quad Damage and Amplify all weapons by 3


    Battlesuit and reduce splash Damage,fall damage, cut weapon damage to you and be invulnerable in slime and lava

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    Quad is much more usefull (3x damage buy the way) than battlesuit (quarter damage by the way) on most maps.
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    Isn't there an award for that?

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    Resource Hog, I think.

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    If you're a paying customer that is, trololo.

    I prefer QUAD as an lg affine person that loves (most of the time stupid)forwarding and shooting.
    However, the battlesuit is a nice thing to have for more tactical players that want to terminate the quadcarrier with it (dropping on their heads with ** <-BattleSuit and rl for example).
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    In TDM it's complicated and more often you will prefer the Battle Suit on a double-PU maps.

    But in FFA, I wouldn't hesitate and just go for the Quad Damage - if you come prepared, you will get lots of frags quickly. The Battle Suit has no such potential.

    Brilliant reply, insect :)

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