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Thread: Quit screen when starting game

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    Quit screen when starting game

    Hi there...

    I get the quake logo and quit screen bug when trying to load a game.. It happened when I first got QL, then it happened again just now. DLed a patch on start up, it looks like new maps. And last time I googled it and found that the bug is that I haven't downloaded the maps yet(though this time I waited for the little download timer reached 100% - last time I didn't see this). I found a thread on this site last time with a direct link to download maps, the only thing I had to do was add the name of the map I wanted. I'm currently trying to find that again so I can DL the maps and start playing, but a more permanent fix for this would be nice as this is very troublesome. >o<


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    This is probably that thread.

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