QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 17 is now online. This update features three new arenas from both community members, and a new in-house arena targeted at our Clan Arena mode. We are also announcing our plans to players in response to our recent downtime.

Premium Arenas Added
  • Repent:
Repent is a new Clan Arena map from id Software. Set in the bowels of a decaying place of worship, the forgotten elder god who calls this cathedral home has grown angry and jaded towards mankind in his years of solitude. Refusing to be cast aside and banished to the nether realms, he now holds together his decaying cathedral with every ounce of power left in him.

Repent excels in Clan Arena matches ranging from 2v2 up to 8v8, and has unique item layouts and additional support for Free For All, Duel, Team Deathmatch (2v2), Freeze Tag, and Red Rover.
  • Arcane Citadel:
Making a return to their TDM roots the authors of Purgatory and Limbus, 'akm' and 'Yellack', bring us the gothic beauty of Arcane Citadel. Here combatants battle for control between the moon-lit quad courtyard and the perilous battle-suit pit, and with no Railgun in sight, players must fully commit to their fight if they wish to regain control of lost territory. Arcane Citadel also comes with its own mood music, a new sinister sounding music track by re:deep.

Crafted for 4v4 Team Deathmatch, Arcane Citadel also supports for Free For All, Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, Domination, and Red Rover.
  • Cure:
Ferdinand 'cityy' List, the author of Silence, debuts his latest duel arena, Cure, in Quake Live. Cure is set in a mid-century European village where an abandoned post-war sanatorium resides. Twisting halls leading through and between highly vertical multi-tiered alleyways, commonly result in visceral close quarter combat as players stragetically chose their paths through this spacious villa.

Cure has been designed for Duel, and includes additional support for Free For All, Team Deathmatch (2v2), Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, and Red Rover.
Code Updates:
  • Hud Scorebox Element fixed on Large HUD.
  • No longer allow servers owners to be kicked via 'callvote clientkick'.

Arena Changes
  • Overkill
    - Resolved a large number of z-fighting issues.
  • Warehouse
    - Added additional spawn points to better facilitate large matches and reduce spawn frags.
  • Wargrounds
    - Added additional spawn points to better facilitate large matches and reduce spawn frags.

Additionally, as a token of our appreciate for your patience through our recent downtime, we are happy to announce the following:
  • Subscriptions Extended: The expiration date for all subscriptions have been extended by 3 days, to make up for lost time.
  • Free Premium Arena Weekend: We are opening up access to all arenas from Friday, May 10th through Sunday, May 12th. Players will be able to play on all arenas at all membership levels, and our Pro subscribers will be able to launch standard matches utilizing the full array of maps.
  • Accept our Repentance: The new Clan Arena map from id Software, Repent, will be added to this month's Standard Map Rotation and available for everyone to play beginning today.