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Thread: Arrgh, stuck with bright skins.

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    Arrgh, stuck with bright skins.

    Okay, guys and girls, I hope I'm not bringing up a question that's been answered before, but I've been up and down Google for hours trying to figure out how to deal with this problem. I specifically deselected "force enemy skins" in the options menu, but despite this all enemy models are bright-skinned versions of one model.

    I understand some people enjoy playing this way, and I've got nothing against 'em, but personally I find the lack of variety extremely frustrating. I feel like someone got their Tron stuck in my Quake 3 and I'm not happy.

    Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Any fixes? Thanks in advance to anyone who could offer a solution. :-)

    EDIT: I didn't have this problem a few months ago. I'm guessing it was introduced by some update.

    EDIT EDIT: Ugh. Of course there's a READ THIS FIRST post in bold letters right up there, and one of the first things I see is a fix for this problem. It's amazing what an hour or two's worth of frustration can do to for someone's patience. Sorry about the mistake. :-(
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