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Thread: Slomo quake

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    Slomo quake

    Ok, so I tried out *almost* slo-mo quake with the following server settings for 1/2 speed:
    ...and it had a completely mixed reaction of some loving the slow strategic side with the ability to hit ridiculous shots and accuracies as a complete laugh whilst others hated it.

    Essentially it doubles some variables: reload times, weapon switch times, weapon respawn times and halves some others: walking speed, ground friction and acceleration, air acceleration, weapon knockback and gravity.

    After talking to some other players who did enjoy it we came to decide that maybe 50% speed is a little over slowed so I'll be tweaking around 75-90 to see how that feels

    A few things can't be bodged together to work like this however which are:
    - jumping is screwy because I halved gravity for slomo falling, this includes any vertical RJs
    - PUs and ammo pickups are still on normal timing

    So could we get some new server variables to get this to work or maybe just have timescale enabled as a server variable and save a lot of hassle? (Unranked servers ofc)
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