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Thread: Screen rendering wrong (image stretched off screen)

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    Unhappy Screen rendering wrong (image stretched off screen)

    Cant get QL to render correctly in fullscreen mode. I only see the upper left third or so of the image, the rest won't fit into my screen - like it's been scaled and is too big to fit. This is true for all fullscreen resolutions.

    I've messed around with the nvidia control panel (I have a geforce gtx660m), and tried pretty much all the scaling settings, including allowing applications to control it, but to no avail. Strangely if I disallow scaling, I get the typical "box with black frame" fullscreen look, but still the image won't "fit" within that box, appears stretched off screen like before.

    I've tried reinstalling and resetting all display drivers, and reinstalling quake live. No change.

    I'm running windows 7 on a late-2012 imac27. Everything except QL is running smoothly. I'm not an avid gamer anymore, but I played Dragon Age:Origins (which I believe uses direct3d?) and that worked fine. So maybe it's QL or maybe it's opengl causing the problem? Any input at all greatly appreciated!

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    Hmmm, quake 3 had something like "zoom in/ zoom out". I think it was "\+screensize" "\-screensize" or something? you could bind that to buttons and mess with it if it's still there. Although it won't help much anyway when the real issue is the picture being off-centered :/
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