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Thread: Payment Suggestions / not sure whether this should be privately sent

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    Payment Suggestions / not sure whether this should be privately sent

    Just noticed on the title page it says 3.99 dollars for pro per month and on the payment page it says 7.99 dollars i think per month. So is there some sort of extra payment that we have to pay that hasn't been mentioned. Because i am not sure but it should be mentioned to people before, because i live in uk and am a dedicated player. In our country we usually say there is service charges to pay on the title screen so people don't get upset and not bother with membership.

    Do not know too much about uk laws but it sounds a bit iffy, because I am thinking about paying for membership now. As long as a few problems with my profile are sorted.

    Thank you if you read this

    Ok Im not sure again but in uk laws it is usually specified the full price on the title screen not when you give your bank details

    once again i am not too sure

    sorry if im causing any inconvenience today
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    Unless I'm understanding what you're saying incorrectly, there is nothing incorrect about what you're saying. The 3.99 per month has an asterisk, which shows [url=http://puu.sh/2Lw1O.jpg]this[url]. As it states "billed annually", while not incorrect, it's supposed to make it appear like it's less than it actually is.

    The 7.99 a month is specifically for a month's purchase, and the 3.99 is per month for a year (billed as a whole year).

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    I did not know asterisk laws I have never fully understood them I looked it up briefly anyway..........

    now for another problem
    I am from the United Kingdom, and it says the price in dollars in my country, and I have always played on quakelive.com.
    I cant find the quakelive uk setting for it to show itself in pounds on the ad.
    So I had to go to the payment details page to do this
    This has probably been mentioned lots of times, there is lots of countries with this problem. But on the payment page you can find out all the currency prices so why not the advertisement page, a bit odd.
    So I understand that you would need a new program on the ad page to show the correct currency that is all/// coool

    currency converter and EU VAT ?

    it says on google currency convertor 7.99 dollars is 5.15 pounds
    but on yours it says 7.99 dollars is 6.36 and then it says

    EU VAT EU372001656

    This Here above me the EU VAT has not been explained on the first payment page, why is this ????

    here https://secure.quakelive.com/#!order;product=2;months=1

    {Continuation} Ok I have just been through the whole payment process up to confirm order information and the EU VAT and the number is never explained in the whole order process.
    I looked up this http://www.google.co.uk/search?site=...hp.3ka7NJIORvw

    a link asking about the eu vat and there was no info, This should be explained clearly on the page.

    anyway im getting tired of this I actually was just curious about going for a membership today and I felt like my game was hacked so it put me off anyway does anyone that works for the company actually reply
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