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Thread: Service Update Part 2

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    Junior Member spirit_of_error is on a distinguished road spirit_of_error's Avatar
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    Yup, sponge, pls!

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    Junior Member Grrrrrr is on a distinguished road
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    For compensation do a free Premium Week (I'm a premium member). Let's get the numbers up!

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    Senior Member T1E is on a distinguished road T1E's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    the short term subscribers surely want some kind of compensation, they lost 2-3 days as well and it's a much higher percentage with a month-long subscription!

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    Senior Member whodares is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2012
    some might want it t1e i dont care either way if was token for instance few day / week i've give away to non subscriber in the hope that they like sub so much... they might actually buy it

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    Senior Member vurun is on a distinguished road vurun's Avatar
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    Moneyback will not affect free players and all-way premium will not affect people who already had payed for it. I have no grudge about 2 days offline, but maybe it would be nice to add some maps out of schedule? Some premium and some standart? And please, add spectators in FT while frozen
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