Early Monday morning, the QUAKE LIVE infrastructure suffered a major outage impacting stability and performance. Over the past 48 hours, we've been working to resolve the issue, and have now restored service to the public. While all attempts have been made at ensuring the site remains stable, we may run into intermittent issues going forward, so please continue to be patient while we work through any remaining issues.

The outage forced us to rollback around 6 hours of data, from approximately Monday 2AM CDT, to 7AM CDT. This has the following implications on end-users:
  • Any accounts created between in the above time window will have to be recreated.
  • Changes to your profile, settings/binds, friends, and other account data may need to be recreated.
  • The scheduled content release has been delayed until the site's stability is established.
  • Compensation for the downtime will also be announced once the site is presumed stable.