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Thread: Service Update

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    hola , los servidores argentinos estan caidos

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    Member DTBlud is on a distinguished road
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    Some want compensated for 2 days down on their membership?
    I want to know how id is going to compensate me for the horror of having to spend time with my family for 2 solid days!! I'm talking therapy bills people!! Also I had to go to bed before midnight last night and actually got a full nights sleep...how dare them take 2 days to fix things! How are we supposed to cope with more family time and more sleep?!?
    You bastards! lmao

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    MAYBE, this has something to do with why for over a week my NORTANS would say QUAKELIVE.DLL requires attention, the other DLL files that load with quakelive also said the same thing. or maybe it has something to do with the occasional drop of signal only to find my self respawning with NO VOLUME or KICKING ME to windowed mode. or maybe it could be some of the things I SWEAR I HAVE SEEN HAPPEN DURING GAME PLAY , like other players just appearing in front of me making me and giving me a whooping. I swear Ive seen players spawn with rocket gun in hand, and I know for sure during one game a player just vanished 3 times in front of me, IM QUITE SURE ALL THAT PART WOULD OR WILL BE BLAMED ON LAG, so because of that I wont even tell you how many times I have been railed or rocket blasted when the shooter wasnt even looking at me because it just has to be LAG RIGHT? THANKYOU FOR A FUN GAME FROM MY PAST and I MEAN THAT.

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    Instead of compensating us allow free premium weekend this weekend or next weekend so anyone can experience it ad us premium/pro subscribers have more players to play with for that weekend at least.

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    and maps premium ....
    Quien Me iba A Decir
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    they extended us last year due to issues, but that was longer then 2 days. its not a big deal, good to see that quakelive is back up. ql team thanks for not following EA's handbook ;p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    Congratulations on resolving the technical issues and getting the platform back up. I really missed it.

    Those of us that understand the difficulties in keeping a large platform up and getting a fallen one back up appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into standing the system back up.

    keep up the good work.


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    It works... for now.

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    I'm grateful to be able to play again. I'm not a paying member, so the downtime just sucked, didn't cost me anything.

    I appreciate the fact that this is a FREE game. Thanks ID!

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    Senior Member FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul will become famous soon enough FlashSoul's Avatar
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    A free premium week after the next Premium Pack would be cool .

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