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Thread: Service Update

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    Web Programmer sponge will become famous soon enough sponge will become famous soon enough sponge's Avatar
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    Service Update

    QUAKE LIVE is now back online. We have temporarily reinstated service and are monitoring its stability as we conduct further testing. Service may be sporadic, and the site may be taken offline again if needed as our staff continues to resolve the performance and instability issues we have been experiencing.

    We will have a more detailed post, containing our plans going forward sometime in the near future.
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    Senior Member CPTcman is on a distinguished road
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    Thank you! Good luck!

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    Junior Member shark_ is on a distinguished road
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    What was the issue ? Why it was offline for so long ?

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    Junior Member blower is on a distinguished road blower's Avatar
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    will you pay back to premium and pro members for this problem?

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    Banned chubbzresurrctd is an unknown quantity at this point
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    I actually went thru withdrawals... anger... depression, and finally acceptance. Really. I need my fix at times, nothing else compares. Never, ever again. I blame John Carmack. WHY MAN WHY!? No seriously John, call me.

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    I have 2 completed FFA matches not showing up in bio/stats pages. These matches were played just before QL went offline. Anybody else have this same problem of matches being played just before QL went offline, not showing up?

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    Junior Member LIL_MALICIOUS is on a distinguished road
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    Finally its back online!!!

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    Junior Member TheNoob is on a distinguished road
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    Well done Lads and Ladies, code the bajeebees out of it
    Rock on
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    Junior Member DukeNukemUSA is on a distinguished road
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    I agree with the poster above. It's obvious that my thoughts carry minimal weight but I've plugged along since beta. I would like an extension of gratitude by the boys on the quake team. I have always supported and paid for what I enjoy. I've also promoted quakelive and explained to others why gamers should pay if they want a quality experience in this game and in minor detail elaborated on overhead costs of keeping quake alive. At the monthly subscription rate I'm paying I expect to be compensated. I will not pitch a fit everytime something happens but I expect customer loyalty from the company I pay monthly premiums to.

    Thank you for your consideration,


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    Why stability probs now? CIA disruption of the site?

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