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Thread: Why do I or you rage at times ?

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    Rage = resulting in caring far too much about a video game and any outcomes related to said video game.

    It's ok to care and take pride in how you play but when it leaves you slamming your mouse and yelling at people you need to get away from your computer. :~p
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    Being focused in team modes. It's a decent strategy, but really annoying.

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    I rage when I'm standing in line some where and I make sure to turn the volume all the way up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker12 View Post
    Thank you. You're video is ok... you need a better cfg than that, and you should try using electronic songs like my movie.

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    When animals fight their bodies load up on adrenaline, glucocorticoids and other stress hormones and they develop pent up rage to give them the motivation to use their strength. The adrenaline and stress hormones may actually be useful for reaction time etc., however the other stuff gives you lots of real energy for a fight. And yet there you are sitting at your computer. That's where the quick pulse and rage tends to come from... throughout evolution fights were physical.

    If you win then your body just tries to leave go of this in the best way possible. You might get up or laugh or something like that. But when you lose, what have is a cornered animal: panicky, fearful and feeling humiliated. They tried everything they could in the game and still didn't match up, so they look to find some reason why it didn't matter anyway: it was cheating, or camping, or the game is lame or some reason like that. It's not so bad, you wouldn't be normal if you didn't rage a bit sometimes.
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    I have never Rage quit,as all my anger was taken out on the Mouse.Which would result in a broken mouse.Until I figured out I was as good as I was going to get.Took about 6 years for that.

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    - Poorly designed game or gameplay mechanics (ex: Halo)
    - Objective-based match in which nobody goes for the objective or does his job (ex: Battlefield bad Company 2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikaluva13 View Post
    He meant the image lol

    Heh....I was at work and can't get to the stats pages from there to view the image. i was taking a stab in the dark.
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    The only rage I had recently is because of those silly Aero spawns. Like GL spawn 3 times in a row... Usually it ends with 15+ frag difference and a forfeit after 7-8 minutes of game.
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    I rage basically whenever I perform worse than I think I should. I also rage when I perform better than expected and still lose.

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    Is this just a game?

    Is it fun to play?

    Have you made friends and enemies?

    Do you sometimes "win", or play better then before?

    Do you leave your game frustrations in the moment?

    If you answered No to any one of these, its time to quit, I'm serious
    you need help.

    I go to Vegas once a year to play black jack, I don't plan on winning,
    I play for entertainment value, and I get that. Should I end up winning
    its a plus, and I have bragging rights.

    You QuakeLive experience should be no different.
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