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Thread: The return of bot_minplayer?

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    Senior Member megaman3 is on a distinguished road
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    Multiplayer = playing against other people.

    Also QL bots are pretty lackluster. If they were cpma bots my opinion would be a bit different, a maybe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megaman3 View Post
    Multiplayer = playing against other people.
    Interesting. Tell me more of this multiplayer you speak of...

    In all seriousness - thanks? Lol.

    I've already agreed the bots are very poor, and referred to them as cannon fodder. Even so, cannon fodder is at least something to occupy yourself with while waiting for a few people to join.

    As others have stated, I'm sure there are better things for the Dev Team (if there is still enough people working on QLive to refer to it as a "team") to be focusing on but I still wanted to put it out there.

    Speaking as a Pro Account holder my biggest reason for never bothering to launch servers is I'm not fond of waiting 10-15 minutes just to have something to play against.

    So the suggestion is there, do with it what you'd like. :~p
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    I think they're a bit scared to release new features that immediately don't work.

    Current bots don't work on some maps and in some gametypes and adding support was already decided too expensive compared to potential gains (because nobody plays with bots).

    Putting that effort in only to give warmup moving targets would also be a waste.

    Allowing games with bots in them would need additional support for really-really unranked games (as in: not tracked in match history, not affecting awards).

    I'd love a hidden unsupported setting (so people don't know about it and don't start complain threads about it mostly not working) to allow warmup mode bots, but it's been a long long time since they last added such stuff just for fun :(

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