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Thread: I need help ;(

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    I need help ;(

    ** GLW_CreateWindow: could not register window class
    Please report the the problem you encountered on the Quake Live forums.
    You must reload the web page to make this display go away.
    why??? and some times i cant start the maches..suck

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    Try looking at this thread and see if it helps:


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    This happens when your configuration file tries to open game with higher resolution, than your display/monitor can handle. I guess you had added somebody's cfg or maybe experimented with your own.

    Check what maximum resolution does your monitor support, then set r_mode "x" (x is appropriate numerical value for particular resolution. See list below) in autoexec.cfg or qzconfig.cfg to make sure it will be executed when game is started. Here are r_mode values for resolutions:

    Mode 0: 320x240
    Mode 1: 400x300
    Mode 2: 512x384
    Mode 3: 640x360
    Mode 4: 640x400
    Mode 5: 640x480
    Mode 6: 800x450
    Mode 7: 852x480
    Mode 8: 800x500
    Mode 9: 800x600
    Mode 10: 1024x640
    Mode 11: 1024x576
    Mode 12: 1024x768
    Mode 13: 1152x864
    Mode 14: 1280x720
    Mode 15: 1280x768
    Mode 16: 1280x800
    Mode 17: 1280x1024
    Mode 18: 1440x900
    Mode 19: 1600x900
    Mode 20: 1600x1000
    Mode 21: 1680x1050
    Mode 22: 1600x1200
    Mode 23: 1920x1080
    Mode 24: 1920x1200
    Mode 25: 1920x1440
    Mode 26: 2048x1536
    Mode 27: 2560x1600

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