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Thread: Insta CTF with offhand laser hook or grapple

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    Insta CTF with offhand laser hook or grapple

    ive been playing quake 2 Rail only CTF for over 15 years some call it insta ctf... some rail only ctf... we call it Railwarz at ACME CTF server. I still play every sunday monday n wednesday nights...

    I have just recently tryed out quakelive.. i like the insta.. and insta ctf... but the CTF could use a hook/grapple preferably offhand so can Rail and hook at the same time

    would make for a fun quakelive mod!

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    I believe I played something similar called "corkscrew" for Q3A (FFA) or close to that, yep it was fun
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    or atleast make it votable, personaly i found it fun as a novelty thing only, but heaps have requested this in the past.
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    Well the grapple isn't actually accessible in QL as of currently. You can use it in practice games, but that's it; it's not completed (I'm not sure what specifically isn't working with it though).

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