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Thread: Clans need to be fun too be in I found one

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    Clans need to be fun too be in I found one

    Having been in several going way back the experience varies, mainly your personal enjoyment is your level of skill in relation to your peer's level of skill.

    That is the equation for a successful clan

    Your level of skill ...in relation too your fellow clan members level of skill

    Your personal fun zone so to speak.................kind of like the three bears story

    and also

    I interaction and communication with fellow members, and members who will reach out too other clans for friendly scrims

    Getting people together at one time, and back in the day it was a battle to get everyone happen with their ping before a match, or a scrim.

    I am going too try and join a particular clan I think will fit these need's for me if they will have me.

    Long live Quake all hail the mighty game
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