I did a fresh install of Q3 after un installing it and removing hopefully all the files.
I did the last patch downloaded from id's website.
When I click on multi-player and get a list, I join a game.
After 40-59 seconds, Q3 just freezes up.
I have to his crtl-alt-del and use the taskmgr to end Q3
This happens everytime.
I have a legal cd, store bought and the key ect.
If I play single player, it freezes again in the same way.

If I unplug the internet cat 5, I can play all day in single play mode but not the internet because
the cable is in plugged.
If I plug the internet cable back in, in single player or multiplayer in about 60 seconds the game freezes up again.
I have no idea whats going on. Does anyone have the answer?
Thank you