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Thread: Advice on my game? - Demos attached

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    Advice on my game? - Demos attached

    I'm looking for any general advice on a game that i've lost on Bloodrun and my question is what should i have done to perhaps win or just keep the score less of an embarrassment.

    Why are there no videos of John Carmack playing Quake?

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    Ztn game:

    0:02 It is stronger to get YA here

    0:05 next RA at :30

    0:07 pointless mg'ing, making noise/waste ammo

    0:12 pointless grenades. Assume :26 for this yellow, and :38 for mega.

    0:23 a reminder not to get close to that wall in that situation

    0:26 Your best bet was to hop as fast as possible and grab the RL. You might have been able to do some damage on him before getting killed, and may have even been able to make your way into the teleporter b/c he was rocket jumping up.

    0:33 It was technically more accurate to mg here since you were unlikely to hit with the gt.

    0:39 Madness. His RJ strongly indicated that he was going for the red. A fight with the gt would have gotten you killed. Infinitely better was to grab the RL asap and _maybe_ attempt to grab mega (remember :38), or at the very least send some rockets into the area before you go for PG/YA.

    0:41 Nonsensical +forward with grenades and no health or armor.

    0:51 You just died at RG, is it possible for him to get from there to mega area to challenge you if you spawned there? Absolutely yes! Plus if you assume :26 for that YA the next would be :52. It's actually not until :57 but I think I would have stayed up high and watched for it/make sure it was safe to go down.

    1:19 I don't know how you managed that, but you stole the mega :-) Next is :54

    1:35 Ah, the ol' last millisecond mouse correction on the rail habit that makes you miss. I know that one well. Luckily I've managed to mostly break it.

    1:41 Bad choice of weapon imo, rockets is more correct here. If he decided to rush you, then you would be in a situation where he's using rockets at close range and you're using rail. You won't have time to switch before you're toast.

    1:54 GJ, next is :29

    2:05 I would have picked up the LG to get 150 ammo as opposed to 100. Sound cost would be negligible as he knows you're there, and time cost very small.

    2:09 I would have rushed and grabbed that YA by strafe jumping onto the stairs, grabbed the green health and ammo in a jiffy. It's still too early for the red (you heard him pick it up at 2:02, so :27)

    2:26 This whole grabbing the red operation needed to take place like 10x faster. You could definitely use some better movement through the map.

    2:29 It was definitely possible to block the entrance to the RG area with rockets to at least slow him down while you were grabbing the red. You heard him at mega. He grabbed it right on time, next is :04.

    2:34 I would have gone into the PG/YA room and grabbed the health/armor. Since he has gone into RG area before and doubled back, you could at least consider that he's not coming out top, and even if he was if you're well into the YA room you can still escape. Instead you go all the way to RL/YA and come extremely close to death.

    2:47 Obviously rail would have been a better selection here.

    2:51 Correct weapon selection was rail in case he went straight for the top exit.

    2:53 What is the purpose of this grenade

    2:56 I would have checked for the health in RL area, maybe gone up the lift to replenish the rocket ammo. Mega is up in 8 seconds.

    3:16 I wouldn't be able to resist grabbing that health.

    3:20 nice. Why not jump like that normally? :-)

    3:27 This is like, an aiming disaster.

    3:33 This indecision after a spawn worries me. I usually spawn and then move as fast as I can in one direction or another. It's important not to take obvious routes though.

    3:42 What luck!

    3:44 The red is up in 2 sec instead you go low. It's very common for the enemy to spawn at either the RL/YA or by the LG and run towards mega center so I was fully expecting him to be there and that 33 health was sure not to last long.

    3:53 Case in point, you spawned near LG and ran towards mega : )

    3:58 As soon as I heard that jump I would have hopped as fast as I could into the tele.

    3:59 Too late, but woops! He went into the tele by accident it looks like. He definitely had the red. I guess he only had a rail gun so didn't want to get into an LG fight but with such a stack advantage I might have tried it.

    4:15 A few seconds early!

    4:23 Ok this is madness. You definitely heard him 'thud' at 4:21 meaning he is definitely going to be at the mega, then you spawn at LG and go forward towards the mega? It's like, suicide.

    4:26 Not just towards it, but hang around there so if he doubles back he's sure to get a kill.

    4:40 This is a kind of indecision. These rockets don't really block that entrance, but if your intention was just to get a tiny bit of splash damage and get out then why rush this YA with a messed up RJ.

    4:55 Too much of a commitment to that position. When you jumped down from the RL you weren't really anticipating resistance, just kind of going for it and hoping for the best.

    4:57 I'll give you a tip that has helped me, and that's that if you think the mega is going to spawn, stand on its pad. Do not move away. You'd be astonished at what can happen, like the guy can suddenly get behind you and snatch it with like 0.1 units difference between player bounding boxes and 20 ms of time before it would have registered a pick up for you.

    5:04 Quiet!! Announcing your position makes him set up camp.

    5:40 What???

    6:16 I heard mega spawn, but apparently you didn't :/

    6:25 Why would he be there if he just got the red?

    6:57 That rocket was unlikely to hit anything or anyone even though you had ample time to aim because you caught him by surprise!

    7:04 Here I had an overwhelming urge to grab the shards. I wouldn't have gotten railed at 7:05 like you : ) The YA/RL YA was either already up or close to it.

    8:17 Please give me an item mr. opponent sir, the one I spawn closest to would be good.

    8:21 K you heard the mega pickup, next one is at :56.

    9:04 Now you got 3 frags, all grenade related! Crazy!!

    9:12 You were hitting a good rail accuracy this game. Could have been good to stick around a bit to take a shot or two before heading into the tele.

    9:19 You just got the red! Why go there now.

    9:30 Rail battle doesn't go well but only because he splashed so much of your HP away with the rocket. If you had gone towards LG and had the same fight maybe would have won because could have LG'd his health away instead of missed rails which get no damage.

    9:49 Just running around now.

    10:00 gg

    Two things:

    *Someone just asked about duel tips so I posted some resources here.

    *Wolfcam ftw

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