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Thread: QLTV models

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    QLTV models

    QLTV models for the weapons excluding any animation while switching weapons. THIS is what I want.

    For example in cs 1.6 there are HLTV models for weapons. Removing any animations.

    Is it possible to get these QLTV models or w/e for QL? Feels so much more smooth without any animations

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    Senior Member xXApathyXx is on a distinguished road
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    you can turn off the bobbing when walking as well as the shaking when getting hit if that's what you mean

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    cg_drawgun 2 is what you looking for

    you can do this in the ingamemenu aswell (somewhere there)

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    I could be completely understanding what he's asking wrong, but I don't believe it's possible to *completely* remove the animation from the models. While cg_drawgun 2 does lessen the movement, there is still *some* movement to the model. It's not as noticeable unless you're actively looking at it though.

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