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Thread: Need help understanding video modes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flanger View Post
    I recently switched to r_vertexlight 1 and turned off post process completely. It is not ideal for all maps, some of them are a bit brighter, but overall I don't know it feels like it's better to spot enemies. For example in t7 when you look down from 50 health bubble to red, floor is like brighter and I see enemy better. Same at Aerowalk looking from rl spawn to the other side at pillars.

    Generally you must try to disable as much visual and audio clutter as possible. I would recommend disabling any type of smoke/trail. It is unnecessary and clutters view.

    cg_smoke_SG "0"
    cg_smokeRadius_GL "0"
    cg_smokeRadius_RL "0"
    cg_brasstime "0"

    Disable ambient sounds and doppler effect (missiles passing in close proximity result awful squeaking sounds)

    s_ambient "0"
    s_doppler "0"

    These are my video settings:

    r_vertexlight "1"
    r_ignorehwgamma "0"
    r_overbrightbits "0"
    r_mapoverbrightbits "2"
    r_mapoverbrightcap "255"
    r_postprocessactive "0"
    r_bloomActive "0"
    r_gamma "1.4"
    r_intensity "1.5"

    if you want to keep postprocess, then disable automatic color correction:
    r_enableColorCorrect "0"

    Also notice, that brightness and such aspects must be find out individually. They won't give out same results obviously, because all displays differ. They may be brighter/dimmer or color preset could be different, even VGA vs DVI connection give out different colors etc.
    This is helpful, because the only map I seem to have an over brightness issue on, is Cold Wars.
    The flooring has an icy glare so bright I cant even read any palyer messages.
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